Čeroz Slovakia Ltd. naturalized between the biggest companies in trading with fresh fruit and vegetable.
On the present we are the most important member in the string " cultivator - importer - dealer - final consumer".

Company Čeroz Slovakia is opened to new offerings for co - operation with domestic and foreign trade partners, which are oriented for cultivation, import, export, distribution, goods traffic and to retail purchaser and wholesale purchares of fruit and vegetables as well.

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Portfolio of assests and services:

- Import and export of fruit and vegetables.

- Distribution and delivering to retail and wholesale purchares.

- Distribution and delivering into supermarkets all over the Slovak   republic.

- Total sulutions of packing goods following the requirements of purchares. We are equipped with packing line for every kind of fruit and vegetable.
Goods packing like this is assurance to reach durability of quality.

- Cargo holds are controlled by computers to be able to keep optimal conditions in whichever season.

- Thanks to technology and to experiences which last several years we belong to absolute point at maturing of bananas in Slovak republic. Maturing boxes, technologies and know - how from world-wide producers make possible us to deliver bananas in required maturity and sort.
- Fluency and limpidity of delivering guarantees application of system which controls quality. .

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